The Captain


Hello, Captain Will Smith, a native to Hatteras Island, he has grown up in Hatteras and on the local waters of the outer banks. Every season consists of boating and fishing for him since he began to walk and now it’s his time to share what he has learned with you.

Will’s father Joe Smith has taught him about boats, how to build them from the ground up. They have come together to build the custom 26` bak bar. Having built boats during Captain Will’s entire life, he knows them inside and out and he is very comfortable with them and on the water. As your captain he will not only take you to the prime fishing grounds, flounder gigging and bow fishing locations, but he will also make sure you have a excellent time doing it. He hopes to be the one to give you the fishing adventure you were looking for while on vacation this summer, one you will never forget.

Captain Will ” I feel there is much more to charter fishing than just putting fish on the dock. Many people try to measure their success by the amount of fish caught but there are many other things to consider when booking a charter. Things that also make a successful charter experience are how were you treated, how much did you learn, angler participation, attitude of the crew, catching your specific target species, enjoying and watching all the other sea life (pelagic birds, turtles, porpoises, whales, sharks, giant stingrays along with other things) all go into making an enjoyable trip. I as the captain will do everything I can to make sure all of these things happen as well as bringing home plenty of tasty fish for you and your family to enjoy!!”